‎The 7 Keys To Your Creative Genius‎


 ‎Here are 7 ways you can instantly get your natural creativity and create something of your choice.‎

  ‎1.‎‎ ‎‎Feel like a child as adults we will think in a conditional manner with the goal of showing how clever we are. However, children, we are just self-righteous and more creative in our thinking. Allow yourself to catch and catch up on your childhood, only to be surprised at things, to be fully present here and now, and to distance yourself from what you think. ‎

  ‎2.‎‎Connect new university does not need to be innovative; Does it only need to make a connection between existing concepts for example? As, did you know that ice cream was invented in 2000 BC but it took someone else 3900 years to come up with the concept of Konark? When you take two unrelated items and use the spark of creativity, there is talent.‎


‎Get a little ignorant is a special Western feature for tying things up in a neat bundle. We like to solve problems and answer questions To be creative, you have to be comfortable with things that don't fit Eastern traditions are more balanced with anomalies such as Jane Kon, or problem: What is the sound of clapping with one hand?‎


‎More laughter "can be measured by a smile to the creativity of a workplace," says Tom Peters. Humor is the best creative tool it takes us out of our usual storage and brings together ideas that shouldn't go together. It turns out that listening to comedy tapes increases students' ability to solve problems by 60%.‎


‎Think outside our limits Many of the products we get today are the result of people thinking outside their range John Lin recalled attending a computer conference at a hotel in the 1980s when someone joked that the next thing they would do would be the gateway to computerization. When he returned to the same hotel 20 years later, all the doors were computer-programmed or used cards.‎


‎ Accept and customize there's no need for blue-sky thinking to be creative You can still be creative that works elsewhere an American airline that wanted to make quick changes to its plane adopted the Quas Shell of the Formula One pit crew. Another source of thought is nature Veljro invented by following the method applied to certain seed fabrics by George de Mestral.‎


‎ Remember your dream dreaming and diva-dreaming can create a rich sim of ideas, because when we relax and let the subconscious mind work. Rophie Park Management Institute calls it "wash up creativity" because when we walk the dog, sit like an archimedes in the bathroom, or most of the motivation comes from washing.‎

‎ Apply these creative ideas and make them part of your daily Nandin ideas and I guarantee that new solutions to your problems will open up for you easily and quickly.‎

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