‎Create your own destiny‎


‎We are constantly imitating others when we imitate other people, so we cannot republish their character, talent or success. Outside, we can drive their lives, their clothing patterns and the same kind of cars, but it won't bring us perfection.‎

‎ We can take the lives of others as an example, but we need to work hard before following them. Look at the qualities of others and ask yourself: How can I remove it? "When you notice some bad things around you, make a firm decision: "Don't let me do such a bad thing".‎

‎ We all have a lot of hidden abilities in what we do to make this flower? When you activate yourself, you take out all the power and brilliance given by God, which lies within you, something natural, real and original within you.‎

‎ Create your own identity doing this when other people are attracted to you activism leads to attraction then you will not imitate others instead, others want to be like you we are accustomed to paying more attention to the outside world we try to get social acceptance by wearing some clothes.‎

‎ We ensure that standing in front of the mirror is presented to us before leaving the house we fully rely on the mirror mirror reflects our nature, not our thoughts, feelings and relationships‎

‎ Does it reflect love in your heart? You can go to your workplace by wearing your best clothes when someone excites you, you can be angry again, somehow your peace of mind is shattered now your beautiful clothes do nothing to help you.‎

‎ Only internal strength and tools can keep you calm, happy and breathless. For this you have to activate the divine divine root, causing a constant stream of peace and peace.‎

‎ Imitation cannot bring you peace so, look at your perspectives, thoughts, words and desires to be aware of peace in your inner core and try to maintain it‎

‎ The beauty of the exterior is temporary the beauty of the inner beauty is permanent and eternal it is the beauty that we need and it is when we activate ourselves. This is what God knows the beauty of beauty so find love, because you're looking for inner beauty to commit your mind to a higher ideal‎

‎ When you see the divine beauty of the beauty hidden in your heart, you will see it in others as well. Look at "Look" not only look at the exterior, but also look at the divinity inside when you see a beggar today, you will beg him‎

‎ You won't pat him on the back or shake your hand if your child comes home, gets dirty from the playground and you get "Mummy, daddy..." You embrace him with love, says.‎

‎ If a child with a cloth comes to you, you don't love him because you chase him. A beggar and a king are equally divine and beautiful for a true soul because he has activated his inter-roots.‎

‎ When you follow or you just see "look" and "search" the difference between "k" is that "a" is compassion or compassion‎

‎ When it comes to care and compassion, nothing else matters we will quit copying let us evaluate ourselves and nurture the divine divine roots within let's activate‎

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