‎Ways to increase your creativity‎


 ‎Creativity is a quality that we all bury ourselves in a way that includes any new inventions or re-inventions of existing ones that will be useful.‎

‎ Some people's creative abilities are close to the surface and anyone can easily express them people say that their creativity takes longer for others, expressing creativity Is worth noting that we can all be creative you just have to discriminate more against those you present towards other people. :‎

  ‎1. Change your perspective‎

‎ You may have to try to look at the situation from a different point of view Change your perspective Think about all the problems that are affecting you or your concerns try to break the problem into multiple elements and then change them. If your mind changes, what will happen is this aspect is important in increasing creativity as it helps you to remove possible reforms that hamper creativity. can.‎

  ‎2. Move mentally away from your current location‎

‎ Imagine how someone else would react if they fell into the same situation, find out how different circumstances would continue while dealing with the same problem can also be applied to different settings; And then from there, customize a solution with current settings‎

  ‎3. Let your imagination walk in the forest‎

‎ Practice your imagination change can trigger creativity as you see things in a different light. You can try to overe it or think about extremes, no matter what is magnifying or shortening. Thinking about the potential differences between these two conditions can generate thoughts it's extreme brain exercise‎

  ‎4. Your Resort‎

‎ The environment needs to be cured your E should be somewhere you can focus on it without focusing on it, so that you can focus solely on a problem. It should be extended to those with you when you are with like-minded people, you have a tendency to do something good. Simply put, hang out with creative people to help improve your creative skills.‎

‎ For most people, when they do, they're more creative even after you found out that if you want to be more creative, you should try to hang out with creative people.‎

  ‎5. Time, ‎

‎ You can't speed up creativity doesn't help quickly in the flow of ideas when you try to force things, your brain starts to get into a state of a little mess. Studies have shown that the results produced in this state are usually lacking in the list of such activities to go to every activity and give everyone exercise to give it some time and two‎

  ‎6. Get help... Tell others your thoughts‎

‎ A different approach to the problem can help many different scenes! Never shy in asking is diversity with creativity is very helpful hold a brainstorming session the self-righteous tendency of new thinking helps generate more ideas. Brain attack products may be raw materials in the creation of ideas‎

   ‎There are 4 rules to succeed:‎

‎ - There should be no criticism criticism interferes with the free flow of thought it can be postponed until the session is over‎

‎ - Mix of ideas‎

‎ encouraged‎

‎ -Quantity is more preferred than quality in brain blasting.‎

‎ - Funny or funny thoughts are encouraged‎

‎ Here are some tips on how to take or receive appointments for acne treatment. How open are you? Remove boundaries from your mind and you'll enhance your creativity‎

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