Technology’s Impact, Evolution, Advantages and effects on society

Technology Evolution

By the way, Technology has made our lives much easier, but it is safe to say that it is very difficult to live without technology nowadays. While some circles seem to be circulating that the rampant use of technology has facilitated but at the same time, some people have also been affected by its implications. Let us know what are the questions that people usually ask and at the same time know the answer.

What are the effects of Technology on society?

The most dangerous thing which would happen if technology vanished is that a great many more babies and young children would die, and that the average lifespan of adults would be significantly reduced because medical care would be back to where it was several hundred years ago.

Technology has enabled the weakest among us to survive, and made our strengths stronger. Thank goodness! As a result, we have Stephen Hawking and that Olympic athlete guy with no biological legs below his knees.

I think that our technological evolution has made the need for biological evolution almost unnecessary. This becomes complicated when we start talking about diseases for which we have no immunities, or other biological shortcomings that via natural selection would simply eliminate those of us who possess them.

There are also our economic technologies to consider. The social safety net is something that enables people who cannot take care of themselves economically to survive. The upside there is that those who are born into poverty can potentially rise out of it and make tremendous contributions to the future of our species. The downside is that those who cannot rise out of poverty remain there

This is a great question and to answer it we need to revisit evolution itself. The evolution and natural selection have molded and modified all species at least to some extent, even if you believe in creation of this universe and the life on this planet a keep observation will tell you that species have evolved over billions of years and that all living things on this planet share same kind of basic genetic code however it is also noticeable that the genetic has mutated and modified giving rise to branching of species

Even in case of humans it has taken few hundred thousand years from first Homo sapiens to modern humans and within Homo sapiens we can clearly see a variety.

With AI, Nano technology and genetic engineering we are getting close to controlling gene mutation to our benefit like fixing genetic mutation that can cause fatal diseases. Although it is declared unethical, doctors still believe they can clone humans or any species for that matter, customize them to survive in different and difficult environments. We may even be able to revive extinct species or use technology for cosmetic purposes, imagine having tattoos comprised of nanobots that are programable and that change with the occasion or even your mood.

One thing is certain that at least human evolution now will not take thousands of years.

It completely changes the direction of our evolution. Effective population control mechanisms brought by evolution have become major hurdles we are aiming to change (such as cancer).

We are purposely passing on many defective genes that are supposed to be filtered out. (e.g. heritable diseases)."Natural selection" has nothing to do with the nature anymore. Hell, there are even humans living in the space now, not to mention all the extreme locations on earth, thank to electricity, AC, and heaters. The ability to live a good life no longer mainly depends on physical fitness (it is still a big part). Instead, intelligence has become a huge factor

Technology does two things in regards to fitness:

It makes up for biological weaknesses. For example, we have many ways to correct eyesight. That correction allows individuals with poor vision to read, drive, see danger, etc. This makes them able to compete with individuals with naturally good vision, who would have had an advantage in the wild. Therefore, vision becomes a fairly neutral trait and will not be affected over the course of evolution.

It makes the characteristics needed to use technology beneficial to fitness. For example, nerds wouldn't have done too well in the natural world. Surviving nature is more about being tough than doing math. Math is pretty much useless when you're hunting and gathering to live. In today's civilization, being smart makes it easier to get a better education and a better paycheck. Being able to use computers is a skill that one can build a career on, but would be utterly useless in the survival scenarios of our ancestors.

So as technology evolves, the people who benefit the most are those who can use it, and those who can improve upon it. These individuals receive the biggest boost in fitness.

What are the positive and negative effects of Technology?

Some Major Positive effects:

·         Increased overall efficiency

·         More entertainment (games, movies, etc…)

·         Easier time learning things (information, web, search)

·         Better quality of life, longer lives due to modern medicine and technology, etc…

·         Increased safety. Better police response times, GPS, surveillance/cameras, etc…

·         Easier communication. Phones, internet, IM, email.

·         Ability to do away with paper in large part, saving the forests from being cut down.

·         Decreased emissions and a greener environment keeping the Earth, and people, healthier.

Few Negative effects:

· Decreasing use of our own memory (less able to remember phone numbers for example)

· Decreased use of simple math calculations by hand (less able to do quick simple calculations without a phone/calculator app).

More reliance on GPS to navigate. Less direction sense. I already notice this among my own kids versus myself when I was their age.

·  Laziness. Gaining weight due to inactivity.

·  Kids, and adults, addicted to screens, social media, games, Tv’s

·  Decreased attention spans due to the massive amount of information today.

·  What will be the effect of technology on human evolution?

The technology is very useful for the students, they can take the courses and attain their degree online just as any student on campus as the technology provides many chances for the students all over the world to receive an education online. The technology helped the companies to save the time and gain a lot of money, they use the technology to communicate with individuals, they can release the information to many different people at once without calling a meeting or requiring printing of the materials. The technology is very necessary in our life as it has improved the transportation, it has mechanized the agriculture, it has improved the communication, and it has improved the education and learning process.

Internet is the biggest advantage of us because people could receive not only the valuable information but they could also work as freelancer or share their experience.

How Technology helps US!

The human uses the technology to travel, to communicate, to learn, to do business and to live in comfort, the technology has changed the world, it is very useful to us, it plays an important role in our life but it has many bad effects.

The technology helped us to strengthen the relationships by keeping in contact with old friends, the colleagues, and the co-workers. The e-mails cause speed delivery of messages, they reduce of the paper costs.

The technology enables the communication among people, it has helped you to communicate with people all over the world through email, instant messaging, Skype, social media etc.

Bad effects of technology

When the children use much technology, they have not enough time to use their imagination or to read and think deeply about the material, they find the information but they may not remember it, they might have difficulty to develop the social skills and the emotional reactions. The technology can lead to the social isolation which is characterized by a lack of contact with other people in normal daily living such as the workplace, with friends and in social activities.

The technology causes a lack of privacy, where anyone can with a few flicks on the keyboard find anyone’s address and contact information, So, they can use of phishing, viruses and hacking that helps to find any information they wish to obtain, they can obtain the location on Google Map and they can know the life story on Facebook.

The technology can cause the tendonitis in the thumb which is a form of repetitive strain injury caused by the frequent use of thumbs to press buttons on mobile devices or playing too many video games.

When the electronic wastes add high level of toxicity in our air and land because they are not disposed properly, they cause deadly chemicals to the ground, and the electronics are emitting toxic fumes into the air.

The technology effects on our body, it causes the neck and head pain when you look down the devices, it causes blurred vision and migraines, and eyestrain can also cause the headaches, it causes an extra layer of stress which was not found before the overuse of technology.

The technology causes a higher consumption of energy, when you don’t turn your devices off, when you keep the computers on, the mobile devices charging, the televisions plugged in, and all the high-tech toys, So, it causes an increase in greenhouse emissions.

The technology causes lack of empathy. The constant stream of violent scenes on the video games, TV, the movies and YouTube causes people to become desensitized to destruction of any kind.

When you strain your eyes looking at the computer and the device screens, it can cause people to need glasses much earlier in the life, and using the headphones and the ear buds can cause people to lose their hearing over time.

All technologies are purposeful. For example, search engines were created to filter large amounts of online data. With each new upgrade technology, existing technologies combine to produce something much better than what was used before. And it goes on and on.

With the rapid pace of technological evolution, it is not surprising that many people have struggled to keep up. To be clear, the scope of technology is so vast that it is virtually impossible to wrap it in every single blog post.

In short, it is not possible to live in the present without technology. The need is that we have to stay connected with new technologies to keep ourselves updated.

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